Global Operations Strategy


Follow these steps and use the frameworks below to develop your Operations Strategy and transform your enterprise

THE APPROACH - How to develop your Global Operations Strategy

  1. Make Operations Management a strategic imperative – reviewed at board level
  2. Develop the Operations Strategy
    1. Understand The Challenges you face using the first framework below
    2. Evaluate and analyse and select your options using The Enablers framework below
    3. Make clear choices and understand the trade-offs you’ve made
    4. Create a joined-up-thinking implementation plan
  3. Implement the plan
    1. Communicate and align behind the strategic choices
    2. Develop the tactical capabilities needed to execute the strategy
    3. Define and implement all required operational level processes and systems
  4. Fully evaluate on a continuous basis the success of the strategy
    1. Determine which KPIs most directly link to realisation of Operations Strategy and the detailed objectives
      1. Strategic KPIs
      2. Tactical KPIs
      3. Operational KPIs
    2. Create robust measurement and reporting system and review process
  5. Take required action to change operational, tactical or even strategic elements if results are not what expected

THE CHALLENGES - The Operations Management environment

Long-term Direction & Capability - Market Disrupting
Flexible/Agile Operations
Supply Chain Management
Improving Operational Performance
Exceeding Customer Expectations
Beating the competition
Improving Quality
Reducing Costs
Reducing Lead-times
Maintaining Operational Performance
Weekly / Monthly Planning
Measuring Performance
Solving Problems - Proactive
Delivering against Targets
Managing Day-to-Day Operations
Managing People, Processes and Systems
Daily / Weekly Decision Making
Fire-Fighting - Reactive


THE ENABLERS - Choices you need to make and Capabilities you need to build

Global Operations Strategy
Use Operations as a differentiator
Create Global Networks of capabilities
Empower teams to drive change
Step Change Transformation
Structural choices
Global Re-Engineering Projects
Aligning resources (inside and out)
Operations Improvement
LEAN &/or 6Sigma or Other Programs
Set targets with feedback loop
Mobilize Resources, Focus on Needs
Performance Measurement and Reporting Global Standards Training, Education & Development
  • Standard
  • KPI Benchmark Analysis
  • Incremental Improvement
  • Do the right things
  • Consistent Policies
  • Repeatable Processes
  • Standard Work Practices
  • Robust Quality Systems
  • Philosophy and Culture
  • Management tools & Techniques
  • Focused Modules
  • People Development


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